System Navigation Overview

Access to the System
The SIS Decision Support system can be accessed through this web site ( using your UC Davis Login ID and password or can be accessed through the MyUCDavis portal. Look for the "My Office" tab on your MyUCDavis front page, click it and next click on the subordinate tab "SIS DS" to reach the SIS Decision Support system.

Overall Menu Navigation Basics

The SIS Decision Support system's screen navigation is similar to the campus' other Decision Support systems supporting DaFIS and PPS.  Reports are located within menu categories; currently Student, Course and Instructor Workload.  Click on the Category to view the reports within that area.  If you already know the number of your report, ou can select the report by either entering the report number in the "Jump to Report:" box.

You can return to the Main menu from one of the menu categories by either using the browser's BACK button or by clicking on the "breadcrumb" trail at the top left of the report menu.  If you are in the Student Reports category, the "breadcrumb" trail shows where you are in the system:
Main Menu > > Student Reports
Clicking on the Main Menu entry will return you to the Main menu page.  This same technique works from the report selection page - you can return to either the menu category or main menu by selecting the earlier entry in this electronic trail.

Exiting the system is as easy as closing your browser's window.  


Report Selection Page Navigation / Pointers

Overall Page Handling Pointers:

You can open the result report in a separate browser window by un-checking the "Open Results Page in New Window" box.

If you wish to display the Field-level descriptive text, click on the Information icon on that line, or you can display all of the Field-level descriptions by clicking on the Information icon in the heading line.

If the Field Name is shown in blue, a pick list is available rather than having to type the field values in.  Click on the Field Name to open the Lookup  window.  If you select more than one value, this report menu will automatically open the "List" option to show the multiple Field Input values.   See more notes below regarding the Lookup Windows.

Report Parameters/Saving Reports Notes:

The SIS DS system automatically saves the parameters that you used each time you have run the report.  To see this log and optionally rerun the report using a set of previously-selected parameters, click on the "Show Saved/Previous Process List" button.   Click on the Run Date to retrieve the prior parameters and then press the "Process" button.  

You can also create a saved report by clicking on the "Save As New Report" button after you've entered your parameters.  You will be prompted enter and save a Report Name and Description.  The Name is specific to your usercode and the report that you are saving, so you could have a "My Favorite" for each report number.

Lookup Windows (Single versus Multiple) Notes:

Field Names that appear in Blue can be clicked to see the Lookup screen associated with that Field.  The steps necessary to return the correct Field Input values vary depending on whether the Field accepts multiple values.  If the Field accepts multiple values, the Field Name will be optionally plural - Academic Term Code versus Academic Term Code(s).  The two Lookup windows above illustrate the difference between the single-entry versus multiple-entry options.

First, use the "Years" window to select the applicable year or years and press the "Go" button.  The Lookup window will then show just the Terms, Colleges, Codes, etc that were applicable during that period.  
- For the single entry Lookup window (shown on the left), click on the entry (in the example, the Term Code) you want and that value will be returned to the SIS DS report selection page.  
- For the multiple entry Lookup window (shown on the right), it will automatically select all of the entries by checking the boxes.  Unselect any entries you don't wish to include.  Then press the "Return Value(s)" button.  FYI:  The checkbox on the header line will select/unselect all entries on the Lookup screen.  

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